All homes shown on this page are currently occupied and we are pre-leasing for August 1 move-in unless otherwise stated. Click on the address for more information. 

While we will be happy to show you any home, please realize that we always give our residents advance notice and do not show on nights or weekends out of respect for them. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

$1,000/month, $1,000 deposit
3 Bedroom/2 bath
Tile Floor except for bedrooms
fenced back yard
Full sized Washer/Dryer connections
$1,100/month, $1000 Deposit
3 Bedroom/3 Bath 
Tile flooring except bedrooms
Full Sized Washer Dryer Provided
Fenced Patio
$1,000/month, $1,000 deposit
3 Bedroom/2 bath
Full size Washer/Dryer Connections
Plank flooring except bedrooms
$1,150/month, $1,000 deposit
3 Bedroom/3 bath
Full Size Washer/Dryer provided
Large Fenced Back yard
$1,100/month, $1,000 deposit
3 bedroom/2 bath
Full size Washer/Dryer
Fenced Patio